The internet is an important and effective learning tool in education.

In Ysgol Parcyrhun our staff emphasise the seriousness of e-safety. We encourage our pupils to use the internet safely and to make independent decisions about their online safety.

We aim to provide our students with the skills and information needed to use new technology appropriately and safely.

We deliver ICT skills across the curriculum as well as increase the pupils' awareness of issues relating to online safety. Our pupils are aware of and understand our "Think then Click" rules when using the internet and abide by Ysgol Parcyrhun’s E-saftey contract.


E-Safety information for Parents;

 Childnet                  Common Sense Media


Safer Internet Centre


You can find more information on the following websites;


E-Safety Guidance

Carmarthenshire County Council believes that the use of information and communication technologies in schools brings great benefits. Recognising the e-safety challenges and planning accordingly will help to ensure appropriate, effective, safe and positive use of electronic communications.

E Safety A Guide For Parents E Safty School Staff
Social Networking - A Guide for Parents School Staff - Guidelines for eSafety

Ysgol Parcyrhun is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.





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Age Restirctions

Social Media Age Restrictions


Guided Access on AppleProducts

How to set up guided access on your apple products:


Parental Controls

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