At Parcyrhun School we aim to develop confident, independent learners.  The National Curriculum helps us do this effectively.


Currently the National Curriculum requires that all children between the ages of 7 and 13 years study four core subjects—Welsh, English, Maths and Science and in primary school the following Foundation Subjects—History, Geography, Design and Technology.  Information Technology, Art, Music, P.E. and also PSE. R.E., though not a National Curriculum subject is also required to be taught in all schools.   We follow the Local Authority’s Agreed Syllabus.  This covers all areas of religious and moral studies.


For children in the Nursery and Reception classes, work is based around the 6 areas of  learning within the Foundation Phase ( 7 areas for the Category B class) – Language, Literacy and Communication Skills, Mathematical Development, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Creative Development, Physical Development and Personal and Social Development (plus Welsh Language Development for the Category B class)


At Parcyrhun School there is a strong emphasis on developing key skills—Literacy, Thinking Skills, Numeracy and ICT— across the whole of the curriculum.


We also emphasise the importance of the Arts and PE in developing children’s abilities and interests.  During the time that children are with us we hope that they will be involved in a range of cultural experiences through visits to art galleries, visiting theatre companies and work with artists, writers, storytellers or performance artists. In PE we aim to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles, develop positive attitudes—working as part of a team to encourage fair play and sportsmanship.  Football and Dragon Sports Clubs are held weekly. Pupils also have the opportunity to attend residential courses in Key Stage 2 at Pendine Outdoor Activity Centre, and the Urdd centres at Llangrannog/ Cardiff Bay.