What is Hwb / Hwb+?

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Hwb hosts a national collection of digital resources to support learning and teaching for learners aged 3 to 19 in Wales which will be known as the National Digital Content Repository. Hwb is provided under contract by CDSM Interactive Solutions Ltd.


The National Digital Content Repository will be accessed through multiple channels and will include:

  • resources created or commissioned by the Welsh Government and/or its agents
  • resources licensed or bought by the Welsh Government
  • resources made available by ‘trusted sources’
  • resources made available by ‘trusted sources’


In addition it will offer:

  • consistent treatment of the Intellectual Property Rights for all resources provided to Hwb, with the presumption that Creative Commons Attribution licenses will be applied
  • new approaches to the use of social networking sites in schools (to be supported with guidance)


Where is Ysgol Parcyrhun with regards to Hwb/ Hwb+?

  • All children are provided with personal Hwb log in details once an acceptiable use policy has been signed by both the pupil and the parents. 
  • Children from Year 2 upwards are encouraged to log into their Hwb+ accounts using the equipment available in the classroom. 
  • Children are encouraged to use apprpriate tools that Hwb+ has to offer within school and outside of school. Teachers plan effective activities in order to utilise the tools provided by Hwb+. 

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