All members of staff within this school are responsible for the safety and protection of the children who attend.  If there are any concerns regarding neglect or physical, emotional or sexual abuse then under the Welsh Assembly and Local Authority’s Child Protection Procedures, staff are duty bound to report the matter to the school’s Child Protection Co-ordinator.  Consequently the school’s co-ordinator may consult with professional colleagues as well as relevant agencies such as Health and Social Services.   The school’s Child Protection Policy can be viewed at school by request.


Following these discussions the school’s co-ordinator may be obliged to make an official referral to the Social Services Department in accordance with national /county guidelines and protocol.  It is the Social Services Department who decides upon the next course of action.  Due to the nature of allegations it may not always be appropriate to discuss matters with parents prior to making a referral.  The responsibility for investigating allegations lies with Social Services and the Police.

The Headteacher, Mrs N. Hallam is the school’s Child Protection Co-ordinator and Mrs Mari-Lisa Richards, ALNCo and member of the Senior Management Team undertakes this responsibility in her absence. Mrs P. Treharne-Hanbury is the designated governor with responsibility for child protection.



Doors cannot be opened from the outside therefore entry to the school must be made through the main entrance via the School Office.  All yards are enclosed.  Burglar and fire alarms are also fitted.




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