Information booklet to parents 2019/2020 


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The school operates within the LEA’s admission policy which ensures equal opportunity and opportunities for children with disabilities.  Parents who wish to send their children to Parcyrhun School are asked to contact the school to register their interest as soon as possible.  An information pack / admission form is then sent to the parents.  Pupils can start school at the beginning of the term of their fourth birthday.  Children are invited to spend a day at the school at the end of the term prior to their entry to school.  Parents are also invited to visit the school  to discuss any questions that they may have. The school’s admissions number is 27 and as a result, mixed age classes are organised at times.


‘The Council through its Admissions manager must direct Governing bodies, and through them the head teachers, to make it clear to parents that when an out-of catchment child is admitted to any school that it may have an implication when the child is transfers to secondary education.  It does not follow that admission to a primary school automatically allows admission to the catchment secondary: it is the home address of the pupil which is the determining factor.  Parental feedback during the Admissions Appeals process suggests that there are cases where this information is not made clear at the outset’

Carmarthenshire County Council 2010



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